In no sport has the written word been used with as much frequency and finesse as in cricket.

Cricket books have been written for centuries, from the starry eyed Nyren to the modern day wizards like Gideon Haigh and Stephen Chalke.  

However there is a catch. Not every famed volume in the cricketing library have always documented facts. Far from it. Revered authors have been perhaps the biggest propagators of myths and legends that continue to confuse and convolute the cricketing thoughtspace.

The Book Reviews in this section will endeavour to delve into literature on the game compiled through the years, while stripping it free from fiction whenever the facts get riddled with confabulations.

However, fiction has its place in the scheme of things.

Plenty of cricketing action has been carried out in the pages of novels, stories and poems of great works of English literature and that too will be covered in detail.

Finally, we will take the liberty of plotting tales where well known fictional characters will come out dressed up in cricketing gear.  From Sherlock Holmes to Robert Langdon. 

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