Tich Freeman: Before he moved to Dunbowling

Tich Freeman.jpg

Just 5'2" Tich Freeman lacked height but not stature as one of the greatest spinners of all time.

He started serious cricket late, and The Great War ate away his late twenties. Yet, Freeman’s 3,376 wickets in First Class cricket are next only to Wilfred Rhodes’ 4,204. A whopping 48.3% of his scalps did not require the assistance of a fielder.

An accurate leg-spinner, he did not turn the ball a lot, but imparted vigorous spin on each and every delivery. He did this with a grip adjusted for his small hands. With his vicious top-spin, he made the shock-ball literal as batsman after confused batsman walked back bowled or leg-before.

After retirement, he spent his last years in a cottage that he named ... Dunbowling.